The industrial know how and experience acquired by our team of professionals over the years, together with our firm commitment to maintain the high quality of our products and services, have allowed us to become the leading company in the metallurgical sector in the domestic market, as well as gaining prestige in the international arena.

In order to improve its competitive position in the market, in May 2009 CEDIE (Compañía Española de Industrias Electroquímicas, S.A.) has carried out a reorganization of its corporate structure, concentrating the production and marketing of its cored wire product range and trading activities under a new company named CEDIFIL Cored Wire.

The change of the corporate name and identity has been accompanied by an important investment project for the modernization of its production and warehousing facilities, amounting to more than 3 million euros. The new installations will be finalized in the Summer of 2010 and will occupy 6.000 square meters. In addition, CEDIFIL Cored Wire has increased the product range of its trading activities with FeSiMg alloys in lumpy and inoculants.

The reorganization of the corporate structure is one of the fundamental pillars of the company’s strategic plan, which will promote the renovation and modernization of the current activities as well as the creation of new business opportunities based on industrial activities related with energy and sustainable development projects.