One of the most ambitious projects undertaken by CEDIE has been the restoration of the Mosteiro de San Miguel de Xagoaza built at the end of the thirteenth century. At the peak of its activities, this medieval monastery had been the most important religious, cultural and administrative centre in the region.

Furthermore, Xagoaza was frequently visited by monarchs and other members of the nobility during their long trips to the Northwest of the Iberian peninsula. Today, having regained the splendour of years gone past, the Mosteiro de Xagoaza is used as an exposition and conference centre.

CEDIE works in close collaboration with the a number of cultural and social institutions in the organisation of these events of which the Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza, Xunta de Galicia, Instituto de Enseñaza Media Martaguisela and Instituto de Estudios Valdeorreses can be highlighted.